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Website and Content

Quality Content

Most people can post to social media in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering quality content and executing a solid strategy that's where many fall down.

High quality, optimization, community engagement, and consistency are key!

You need engagement with your website and pages in terms of Comments, Shares or Likes to emphasize the human element behind the Silk Cotton Foundation.




Website Only and Fixed Content

• 1 Website
• 1 Long Form Video
• 1 Photo Shoot
• Strategy

...Get High Quality Content, but the rest is up to you.



Website and social media
3-month plan available

• Everything in Basic +
• 1 Social Platform
• 1 Article
•1 Month Email Marketing
1 Month Social Content
• Analysis & Assessment
• Page 
• Monitoring and Engagement
•Paid Ad Strategy
(Ad budget not included)

...Now you're doing it right!


per month

6-month Plan
Billed monthly

• Everything in the Booster Plan
•Marketing Planning & Analysis
•Any other Platform
• 8 Short Videos
• Community Management
• Sales Lead Generation

...We Become Your Marketing Department!



6 month Plan
Billed monthly

Add custom features to the any Plan

•Add a platform
$6,000 each
• Add a video
$1,000 each
• 1 Influencer Video
$1,000 each

Let's Talk...

Doing Things Differently

When it comes to The Silk Cotton Foundation's Website and Content, we can get that sleek and professional look, while using the best tools to convey your professionalism and excellent service.

To do this we recommend emphasizing your brand of customer care through well produced reviews, service displays, and customer stories.

We'll explain why in the following pages and also address your concerns over the inconsistent posting on your pages.

Strategy that Works

Elevating your Social Profile

You could get started with our Booster programme, but we strongly recommend our ‘Precision’ plan. It’s designed to integrate your brand into the lifestyles of your customers unleashing the full power of your offer and, community engagement while building your reputation. We will optimize our content to convert your audience from silent viewers to advocates.

This is how you receive enquiries through social media.

The programme is designed to position you as a leader in the space. Based on our conversation positioning you as a leader in the girls' orchestra is practical given your wealth of knowledge and passion for your community.

Words of the Wise

The words and imagery you use mean everything. Defining the content and delivering it with your brand voice takes skill. Our recommended ‘Precision’ service will build that skill for you.

And it costs just $TT60000 per month.

Here's exactly what you get:

• A 30-minute monthly strategy session (in person/video call) with me to review the last month and to plan the next month
• A concept for a 2-week or 4-week social media campaign
• Example posts written, designed & mocked up for your approval
• An online strategy for next month's posts content for your approval • The approved graphics are then posted to your social media pages every single working day of the month
• Plus, a weekly call from to check in that we’re on track.

In that monthly planning call, we will discuss points such as:

• Review the previous month
• The target audience
• What is happening in your business during the next month
• What new areas, products, or services can we promote?
• Nail down objectives and highlights
• Plan the next month's special offer and talking points
• Optimizing content for the specific social media channel

Free Tip!

The best social media content is video. Meta (formerly Facebook) heavily prioritizes video content. It gets over 50% more engagement than static images on average.

Plan of Action

Getting Onboard

Next is the basic version of the timeline for your strategy. It’s incredibly high level but there’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that's not mentioned.

The golden rule of digital marketing is test and measure. If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it.

This will all be in consultation with yourself but we're not going to just operate blindly and carry out this plan regardless of results.

Our Process

Preparation & Launch


• Strategize
• Launch the Website
• Access/Create social accounts, collect and analyze data

• Refine Strategy
& Strategy Approval

• Optimize Pages

• Record & Edit Additional Content

• Publish Weekly Updates



Post Content •

Establish Social Voice •

Engage Community •

Fast replies to queries •

Drive Sales •

Analyze, Report, and Adjust •



• Review and plan. Repeat what works, cut what doesn't and reap the rewards!

Your Investment

We're a little different from the others...

You get an option between 'one-off' payments or paying monthly.

This keeps things simple for the entire duration of the deal and makes balancing your finances easy; so your never left “out of pocket”.

But, we need your commitment

We have a minimum term of 3 months on all our agreements that involve content management.

The reason is simple: we need your commitment for that length of time to begin achieving the kind of results we both want.

Cutting the plan short means we don't get enough time for the platform's artificial intelligence to work, time to analyze and optimize, and time to engage a strategy that produces epic results.

It's the difference between a professional's social media presence and a hustler. Let's get it going with your preferred plan above.

How it works

Every month we will have a 30-minute meeting either in person or via a phone call to outline the general ideas for the following month. Once the plan is set out, we will send-through our initial ideas and posts.

Providing that you attend the meeting as scheduled and subsequently approve (or amend) the posts within 2 working days, we guarantee to provide and post 12 social media posts the following month.

If you live up to your end of the bargain and we fail to live up to ours then that month will be FREE. It's that simple.

It doesn't get fairer than that.

Next Steps

Next Steps

1. Simply click the button below to let us know you're ready.

2. We’ll invoice you for your first month. 

3. We’ll schedule in our first strategy session.

We can’t wait to start getting results for you as quick as possible to reiterate that you made the right decision.

Warren Anderson

We are ready to go, are you?

Give me Precision!